Twilio CEO explains why software program builders are misunderstood and underused

Twilio CEO explains why software developers are misunderstood and underused

Jeff Lawson

Abigail Stevenson | CNBC

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2020 wasn’t all bad. Just ask Jeff Lawson, Twilio CEO.

As companies had to adjust quickly to serving customers remotely over the past year, Twilio’s application communication products have become essential for businesses from Netflix to Uber to Nike to interact with customers. Investors noticed. Twilio’s market cap grew from around $ 13 billion to $ 55 billion over the course of the year.

Now Lawson has written a book called “Ask Your Developer”. Lawson told CNBC why he wrote the book, why cloud company reviews reflect a growing understanding of the global power of software, and why he wants state regulators to crack down on social media algorithms that are used to spread disinformation being able to lead.

Here are the full questions and answers:

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