Tommy Lister legally modified his title to “Debo” in homage to “Friday”.

Tommy Lister legally changed his name to "Debo" in homage to "Friday".

Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister was everything in the movie that made him famous – namely Ice cubes‘s cult classic “Friday” – because he legally changed his name to pay homage to his unforgettable character.

TMZ received Tommy’s Death certificateand although a cause of death has not yet been officially established … there was one very interesting nugget that caught our eye. His full name is Tommy Debo Lister, very different from his registered maiden name … Thomas Duane Lister Jr.

It’s interesting for a number of reasons. Obviously, Tommy is best known for portraying Deebo in the “Friday” franchise – and no, we didn’t misspell that … but it appears that Tommy did. In any case, it’s pretty clear that he loved the character – so much that he actually made him part of his real-life identity … and opted for that rather than “Tiny,” his long-time public nickname.

His manager, Cindy Cowan, tells TMZ that he made the change in an LA court about 6 months ago – because he felt like his fans and the general public just knew him from “Friday”.

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Like we said … Tommy’s cause of death is still pending – it is listed as “on hold” in the document, which just means they are still running tests.

Keep in mind, however, that many in Tommy’s immediate circle believe it is COVID-19. He’s been incredibly ill in his final days – apparently in several different videos he has participated in – and he had contracted the virus earlier this year.

While the medical team works to get closed on that front, there is one final thing we should note about Tommy’s death certificate. It is said that he is married to Felicia Lister.

If you know, you know … I gotta love it.

TMZ told the story … 62 years old Tommy died suddenly last year at his home in LA. When paramedics arrived, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

RIP, Deebo.

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