Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (22 Images + 1 Vid)


I Can Has Cheezburger?

Our favorite segment of the week, and the only proper way to ring in the weekend — the newly adopted faces of the week! We love seeing all the animals going or already at their forever homes. We want this for all animals and that’s why it’s important to adopt, and not shop.

So many beauties are waiting for all our help. We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone and anyone who has adopted in the past and will adopt in the future. And a special thank you to those who adopt the older animals in the shelter. You are all heroes, to us.

If you missed out on last week’s adopted faces, you can catch up here! Trust us, you don’t want to miss a single adopted face, they’re all so beautiful.

Posted by Ameatball

  • 1

    “A couple days ago I adopted this 11 year-old boy. I fell in love with him when I started volunteering at a rescue over 5 years ago. Since I met him I have finished 2 degrees. I now have a home where I can have him. Meet Mouton.”

    Dog breed Via u/imnotcreative91

  • 2

    “My neighbors are moving and can’t take their dog with them so since we have known them and their dog for 6 years they let us keep him. Meet Ruger”

    Tree Via u/naterbomb54

  • 3

    “My family adopted a kitten today! Meet Pickle.”

    Cat Via r/aww

  • 4

    “I’m obsessed with our new kitten we rescued, his name is Zuko”

    Cat Via u/mistinnicole

  • 5

    “Tofi when he realized he was adopted and he is at forever home now”

    Mammal Via u/mira_ggio

  • 6

    “My boyfriend and I adopted a kitten! Meet Rusty!”

    Cat Via r/aww

  • 7

    “Just got these two brothers from a barn, meet Groot and Rocket!”

    Cat Via u/Froboy7391

  • 8

    “This is our new rescue pup Scout! We love him so much. Pic on left is before adoption and pic on right is after adoption. Adopt, don’t shop!”

    Dog Via u/Drloki742019

  • 9

    “Meet Yoshi. Our first rescue cat!”

    Cat - AWAY Via u/dupdedoop

  • 10

    “When you adopt a cat from Australia”

    Via u/Rockstargeek0

  • 11

    “My best friend passed away a couple of days ago due to Lupus. She loved cats and wanted me to adopt one. So here’s Max.”

    Cat Via u/sbstek

  • 12

    “We adopted her yesterday! She may be a little older but still needed a loving home.”

    Mammal Via u/TalaMtz

  • 13

    “Say hi, to my new kitten…”

    Cat Via u/sanid34

  • 14

    “Meet Professor Bunson Hossenfeffer. I’ve had him for 30 hours and I would already die for him.”

    Mammal Via u/BlackIsTheOnlyColour

  • 15

    “We found this cat in the street all alone. Now he has a new home and looks like a light fury.”

    Cat - Spot o Via u/catrescueeveryday

  • 16

    “Went to Orlando on vacation and came back +1. Meet Brooklyn.”

    Dog - ERS Via u/bryan2384

  • 17

    “Lolita’s first night at home!”

    Dog Via u/jela_03

  • 18

    “Meet my family’s new puppy, Oreo!”

    Dog Via u/arramirez

  • 19

    “I drove over an hour one way to pick up my purrito with extra beans from a shelter in the middle of nowhere. Meet Zula!”

    Cat Via u/Daiiga

  • 20

    “I work at Starbucks and was taking my lunch, walked out to my car and this little guy ran up to me meowing wanting to be picked up, just a few feet from the door. Had my wife come get him. Guess I have a cat now!”

    Cat Via u/ImaFknWizardXII

  • 21

    “Meet Nina! Decided to bring her home too so she can stay with her two other siblings. The gangs all here :)”

    Cat Via u/missredbell

  • 22

    “Six hour car ride definitely worth it, meet Tulip”

    Dog Via u/highlifedad420

  • 23

    “I found out I get to adopt this little boy! Welcome to my family, Felix!”

    Cat - EXIT Via u/Agape92


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