Deion Sanders’ Jackson State debut takes an odd flip after the coach says private results have been “stolen”.

Deion Sanders' Jackson State debut takes an odd turn after the coach says personal effects have been "stolen".

Deion Sanders’ college football coach debut on Sunday ended badly and then weirdly.

The Jackson State manager told reporters after his team’s game that his belongings had been removed from his stadium office. About an hour later, an unnamed university official Jackson, Miss., Told WAPT that the items had been “misplaced” and then recovered.

However, Sanders reiterated that he had been robbed in breach of Jackson State’s account. He added that the thief was caught red-handed.

No, it was stolen, but they got it back. It was stolen from my personal bag in my office, and my assistant caught the gentleman stealing, but she was alone. No miscommunication my husband at all

– COACH PRIME (@DeionSanders) February 22, 2021

Jackson State officials told WAPT-TV that a police report would not be filed.

One “pissed off” Sanders said in his post-game press conference that the intruder started with “everything I had” starting with his wallet and phone.

“Thank god I had it on my necklaces,” he said. “How?!”

A sad, bizarre and unhappy situation. After his first win as Jackson State head football coach, Deion Sanders reveals that his personal belongings were stolen during the game.

– Joe Cook (@JoeCookSports) February 21, 2021

Sanders did not say how his things were kept in his office, but again insisted that anyone who said they were merely misplaced had “lied”.

Anyone who utters the lie that my belongings were not stolen is lying. My belongings were taken from a zippered bag in my office and other items were also taken from my office. We’ve been calling them since they were reported. My co-worker witnessed the crime. #Truth

– COACH PRIME (@DeionSanders) February 22, 2021

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The game itself was a success: Jackson State blew NAIA opponents Edward Waters College 53-0. Sanders told reporters that the players gave him the cue ball in “one of the best moments I have ever experienced emotionally in my professional sports career”. Then Sanders found that his office had been broken into.

Sanders said the incident will be used to further improve the tiger program.

“When I talk about quality and raising standards, it goes for everyone, man,” he said. “Not just the people in the field, not just the trainers, not just the teachers, not just the faculty, but everyone, the safety and everyone.”

“Prime” also made another vow.

“We’ll find out who did it,” he said.

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