Cop Who Physique Slammed College students On Trip, Case Beneath Investigation

Cop Who Body Slammed Students On Vacation, Case Under Investigation

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8:15 PT – Osceola County Sheriff’s Office says her second-in-command who beat up the student is on paid administrative leave pending an investigation led by a separate law enforcement agency.

The sheriff, Marcos Lopez, says he turned the case over to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement … which he says will find out if the officer got something wrong here or if he broke protocol / law when he got the Teenager has held back.

When Lopez spoke of her, he said the girl – whose name or age he did not mention – was treated on the spot and later released, and went on to say that she was “fine”.

On the other hand, the officer’s name was dropped in the press … Ethan Fournierwhich has been in use for 10 years. Lopez did not reveal his hand on any opinion, but said one interesting thing – the condemnation of death threats which he claims were in the highest degree hurled at Fournier.

He said while he does not condone rogue officers who behave violently, he rejects anyone who calls out to Fournier’s life. Lopez said he was innocent until proven guilty.

Florida police officers feel the heat over the video of a MP attacking a schoolgirl … so much that they raise the case at a press conference.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office will be discussing the case Wednesday morning following the horrific incident at Liberty High School on Tuesday afternoon. The video showed a clerk forcibly holding a student and throwing her on the floor … head first.

This is Liberty High School in Osceola County, and I’ve seen my share of body slams from this school come from not just officers but deans as well. I’ve seen adult ass people hop on girls to hold them down while they are clearly in need.

– LouluNev (@LouluNevy) January 26, 2021 @LouluNevy

in the the videoYou see, the teenager hits the concrete hard and her body goes limp. The officer handcuffs her while the crowd screams around her. Several people seemed to be recording and seeing the action from different angles. It looked like the student had passed out.

The only thing we’ve heard from OCSO so far is that the officer has dropped out of a fight and that an investigation is ongoing.

Bro, that cop at my little brothers high school beat up and knocked out this little girl. WTF is wrong with these pigs!

– LeaveIt2TheStreets IG (@rofflekris) January 26, 2021 @rofflekris

Presumably sheriff Marcos Lopez – who will be on the podium shortly – will have some sort of update on what they have learned by this point and whether the officer will have any impact. It will be interesting to hear if he denounces the act or tries to justify it.

Several people accused the officer of excessive violence. Some supposed eyewitnesses claimed the girl was already under control and broke up when the police officer did what he did. Unclear how the student is doing or what her condition is.

Originally published – 7:57 p.m. PT

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