15 Secrets of Taj Mehal

Taj Mehal is one of the best and ironic place in the world. It is located in India and made by Shah Jahan .There are many secrets of Taj Mehal which is not known by everyone . Here we compile 10 of the Secrets about Taj Mehal .

1. There is a secret door in the Taj Mehal which can be opened by the lift operator.

2. The stairs of Taj Mehal are made of marble and can travel up to 45 degrees.

3. There is a secret tunnel that connects Taj Mehal with the Agra Fort .

4. At night, you can see the firework display of Taj Mehal from outside . It is a very beautiful sight .

5. The toilet of Taj Mehal is a special one. There is no flush button in the toilet. Instead, you have to push the button on the wall with your foot .

6. When you visit Taj Mehal, you will see that there are no pillars on all sides of the building . It gives a feeling of openness .

7. You can see many secret rooms in the Taj Mehal . One room has a secret door which is hidden by a mirror and another room has a secret passage which connects to an underground tunnel . Another secret passage leads from the bathroom to an attic .

8. When you look at the Taj Mehal from a distance, it looks like a giant chess piece .

9. There is a secret rail track which connects Taj Mehal with the Agra Fort . It is used for the purpose of transporting loads of marble .

10. The Taj Mehal was built by Shah Jahan in 1631 AD, during the time when Aurangzeb was ruling India. Aurangzeb died in 1707 AD and his son, Bahadur Shah Zafar became emperor of India . Later on he also became emperor but he had to flee to escape from British rule. He took his family along with him and settled in Pakistan which is now known as Pakistan.

After the partition, Taj Mehal was left in India.

11. The name of Taj Mehal means ‘crown of jewels’ because it was built with huge amount of precious stones .

12. The cost for building Taj Mehal was around 1,50,000,000 rupees and it took around 30 years to complete it .

13. There are two lakes inside the Taj Mehal which are known as ‘Maharani Ki Baoli’ and ‘Maharani Ki Haveli’ . They were built by Shah Jahan in 1631 AD and they are used as a storage facility for food grains and other items needed by the people who live in Taj Mehal .

14. There are many legends about how Shah Jahan came up with an idea to build a place like this one. One legend says that once he saw his son-in-law, Prince Khurram, who was on his way to fight in a battle and he wanted to go along with him but could not because the weather was cold and rainy .

15. The Taj Mehal has been renovated several times. The first time it was renovated, it took around 8 years to complete the task .

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